April 5, 2018


Mission Statement
a) To serve the Humanity by improving health care amenities through supplying the
pioneering, superior, and most economical medical equipments from all over the world.
That’s why we sturdily believe on the slogan “ Amazing Technology Graceful Care”
b) We sell Medical Equipments, but for us technology for Life is much Important.
c) To ensure maximum customer satisfaction with our products and services.
d) To work as efficient partner of Healthcare Professionals.
e) To provide customers most reliable and sophisticated technology to fully meet their
high expectations.
f) Being a quality company, we ensure to supply our customers with high quality
g) Provide our customers a level of service end equaled in the Medical Equipments
Our Vision
 “Human Health Care”
To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and selffulfillment
needs of Market with its Technology and Care.

Amazing Technology, Graceful Care
You know Our growth has come from our customer driven approach. We listen to our
customers, build level of trust, enabling our mutual relationship to grow and keep our
valuable customers as our friends. The Company is a Partnership company registered
in the Pakistan. Business activities are conducted by operating branch offices and sub-offices
throughout the Pakistan.
 What we do?
“Human Health Care” markets, imports, and distributes Healthcare equipments. We
generate. “Fast and measurable results” while providing sourcing services to all
major hospitals, laboratory and medical Institutes of Pakistan both in Government
and the private sector.

 Medical Equipments :
 Operation Theater
 Physio Therapy
 Dental Care
 Furniture and Fixture
 Surgical Instruments

How we do it?

The company philosophy is to maintain the highest possible standards while
responding to customer’s needs. Our long term success is predicted on value oriented
corporate culture. The company, therefore, demands of itself and its employees, the
highest level of integrity, performance, and quality and seeks to improve its position as
one of the best companies of its kind in Pakistan.
Company’s Philosophy